Inkstone Literary Magazine

UVa's Cultural Art & Literary Magazine

The purpose of our publication is to provide a medium for people of all ethnic backgrounds to celebrate and express their views concerning culture and identity. To view information about how to submit for our next issue, click on the "Submission Info" tab.

Inkstone's Mission

Our goal as a magazine is to shed a spotlight on culture UVa through a timeless publication. We believe Inkstone allows for personal experiences and perspectives on culture to be highlighted at the university. In the past, we have focused on Asian culture and heritage, but as we are expanding as an organization, we also hope to expand the scope of our pieces as well. We seek pieces that reflect and evaluate the idea of culture, both related to heritage and within other communities.

Every Spring, we publish a magazine containing literary and art submissions pertaining to a theme in culture. This year, Inkstone wishes to highlight a ‘Celebration.’ While submissions can pertain to different aspects and definitions of culture, pieces that can focus on Celebration in relation to culture are gladly welcomed.